Friday, May 16, 2008

Sun Devil Mfg. Unveils Their 6.5 Inch SBR At The Shot Show

Sun Devil Manufacturing
Until recently a relatively-unknown OEM manufacturer, the Mesa, Arizona-based Sun Devil debuted a 6.5” barreled AR-15 built on their own receiver, which is machined from billet aluminum. Chambered in .223, and classified as a Short-Barreled Rifle, the truncated SD-15 Entry Gun is a formidable weapon for home (or even vehicle) defense, and features a unique gas system designed to circumvent the usual function problems that come with short-barreled AR’s. Look for an optional gas piston variant in the near future. Longer-barreled models are also available, for those who cannot legally own Class III weapons.

Sun Devil's Website

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Donald said...

The SD-15 Entry Rifle appears to be the rare unique, excellent product in the world of AR rifles. In a brief conversation with David Beatty, President of Sun Devil Mfg., he said they were working on a patent for the unique gas system that allows such a short-barreled direct gas impingement system operate.

As an FFL dealer, rifle builder, and tactical law enforcement shooter, I have forund the Sun Devil SD-15 products to be of outstanding quality and value. The company has some innovative new products in the works as well. I'm a registered dealer for the entire Sun Devil Mfg. catalog, Email me for a price quote on any of thier products.

Thanks, and good shooting,

Donny Ardell, Proprietor
North Branch Armory