Thursday, May 29, 2008

Most Accurate AR-15 Barrels For Sun Devil SD-15 20 Inch Model...

Many AR-15 fans are just out to plink and have fun... but some of us are on a quest for the most accurate, most functional rifle we can get our hands on. When Sun Devil set out to build the ultimate AR-15 rifle they wanted it to look different than anyone else's rifles with clean lines and great styling, but they were also committed to have it outperform all available AR-15 platform rifles on the market... and they did just that!

They use only match grade barrels from Lothar Walther which have all had the match bolt hand fitted, lapped, squared and head spaced for the perfect custom fit for each individual barrel. They will outshoot anything out there! The SD-15 20 inch model has a heavy (but not bull) barrel for great balance as well as accuracy. My bull barreled 24 inch Les Baer shoots great, but is a heavy beast and I never shoot it off-hand... but my Sun Devil feels great.

Sun Devil Website

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