Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Sun Devil AR-15 Outshoots My Les Baer and My JP!

I am admittedly an accuracy junkie... if it will shoot five shots into one hole at 100 yards... I love it. As an old bench rest shooter I never thought I would own an AR-15 style rifle... just didn't think they could ever be accurate enough. Boy was I ever wrong... but I am a true believer now!

I started off with a DPMS 20" bull barrel based on a friends advice, which cost me about $1,000. The gun shot great and I was pretty happy... then another friend told me that JP rifles were the absolute best and I dropped $2,000 on a JP-15. it was ALOT lighter and a "little bit" more accurate... groups went from about 3/4 inch down to 5/8. Then... yet another friend informed me the Les Baer AR-15s were "guaranteed" to shoot 1/2 inch groups or better... Yep! I spent $2,300 on that rifle and it got my groups down under 1/2 inch as promised. I thought I had finally arrived at the ultimate in AR-15 accuracy... bad news though...

I was at a gun show in Phoenix when I ran into another friend who was working one of the booths. I hadn't seen him in awhile so we exchanged stories as he was telling me about the rifles he was selling... the Sun Devil SD-15, AR-15 style rifle. I promptly informed him that I owned the finest AR-15 available and guaranteed most accurate with my Les Baer Super Varminter. He actually laughed at me and told me that every rifle he sells will out shoot a Les Baer for $500 bucks less. I laughed at him and told him he was crazy...

Well, he called my bluff and lent me his Sun Devil 20 inch match rifle and I took it out for a test drive... You can imagine my surprise when the very first group I shoot put five rounds into virtually one hole. The group measured .185 inches! The second group was only slightly larger at 1/4 inch. Long story short is... I now own two Sun Devil 20 inch match models and one of their M4 style 16 inch models... which, by the way, will shoot just as good as my original DPMS bull barrel rifle shot.

Go figure... The best AR-15s out there are manufactured right here in my home town of Mesa Arizona! If you haven't shot one.... you are missing out on the best of the best. I will post some pictures soon!

Sun Devil's Website

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DA said...

I am currently building two AR's, one for self defense, and one for hunting and target competition. I ran across your site and was impressed with the comments on accuracy and price. Any pics or videos of actual 1/4" groups @ 100 yds.?