Thursday, May 29, 2008

Most Accurate AR-15 Barrels For Sun Devil SD-15 20 Inch Model...

Many AR-15 fans are just out to plink and have fun... but some of us are on a quest for the most accurate, most functional rifle we can get our hands on. When Sun Devil set out to build the ultimate AR-15 rifle they wanted it to look different than anyone else's rifles with clean lines and great styling, but they were also committed to have it outperform all available AR-15 platform rifles on the market... and they did just that!

They use only match grade barrels from Lothar Walther which have all had the match bolt hand fitted, lapped, squared and head spaced for the perfect custom fit for each individual barrel. They will outshoot anything out there! The SD-15 20 inch model has a heavy (but not bull) barrel for great balance as well as accuracy. My bull barreled 24 inch Les Baer shoots great, but is a heavy beast and I never shoot it off-hand... but my Sun Devil feels great.

Sun Devil Website

Sun Devil AR-15 Colored Receiver Sets... CNC Machined From Billet Aluminum!

I was able to this picture from the guys at Sun Devil to show their colored receiver sets. If the fit wasn't already incredible... when you get both the upper and lower receiver from Sun Devil Mfg... the fit is UNBELIEVABLE. Their receivers take all mil-spec parts but I highly recommend getting a matched set if you can. The quality is worth it.

If you're looking to build a race gun for the next match you wont find a more accurate, sexier rifle than a Sun Devil with a color anodized receiver. This picture is of their standard colored anodizing options...

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Sun Devil AR15 Images...

I don't have any nice photos of my own. But here are a few pics I found online that show some of the incredible quality and finish of the Sun Devil line of AR-15 products. I just took my M4 style 16 inch out to see how she would do at 100 yards. Out of three groups I shot once it was sighted in... the biggest group measured just under an inch and the smallest was about 3/4 inch... amazing for a shorty!

Anyway... check out the pics... this billet stuff is nice!

Sun Devil's Website

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sun Devil Mfg. Builds Complete AR-15 Rifles!

The answer is YES...! I have already received several emails asking me if, in fact, Sun Devil Mfg. builds complete rifles. The emails I am receiving almost all say "I thought they just made lower receivers"... well, I own three SD-15 rifles that were entirely built at Sun Devil's facility in Mesa Arizona. It is also interesting to learn how many people don't realize that they make upper and lower receiver sets as well. The matched sets are completely CNC machined from billet aluminum and have the best fit and finish in the industry. Unlike other billet receiver mfgs. they keep their price affordable too.

If you haven't seen their "Devilcoat" nickle teflon finish... you haven't seen the sexiest dang AR out there then...

If you are happy with run of the mill off the shelf parts... that's okay. But if you really want to build a nice rig... Sun Devil is the only way to go! I just found these pics on I think this rifle was built by Ranier Arms??

Sun Devil's Website

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sun Devil Mfg. Unveils Their 6.5 Inch SBR At The Shot Show

Sun Devil Manufacturing
Until recently a relatively-unknown OEM manufacturer, the Mesa, Arizona-based Sun Devil debuted a 6.5” barreled AR-15 built on their own receiver, which is machined from billet aluminum. Chambered in .223, and classified as a Short-Barreled Rifle, the truncated SD-15 Entry Gun is a formidable weapon for home (or even vehicle) defense, and features a unique gas system designed to circumvent the usual function problems that come with short-barreled AR’s. Look for an optional gas piston variant in the near future. Longer-barreled models are also available, for those who cannot legally own Class III weapons.

Sun Devil's Website

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smith & Wesson AR-15 Made By Sun Devil Mfg.?

I have only had this blog up for a little over a week and I have already received several emails asking if Sun Devil is the manufacturer for Smith and Wesson Performance M&P Ar-15 rifles. All I can tell everyone is that the Smith and Wesson Performance Center 20 inch AR-15 looks an awful lot like my SD-15 20 inch and that I saw nearly a room full of Soft Rifle cases with the Smith and Wesson logo embroidered on the side when I took a tour of their facility. I also heard a former Sun DEvil employee refer to my rifle as the "Smith & Wesson style."

The owner wont really say... you can look at the pics and use your imagination I guess...

Sun Devil's Website

Sun Devil Lower Receiver... 6061 vs. 7075 Aluminum

I have read a few threads of conversation about 6061 vs. 7075 aluminum in billet machined receivers. It is always a hot topic of discussion here in Arizona as Sun Devil Mfg.. and POF are just across town from one another. I thought this post on was great... Real data from a dealer that carries both Sun Devil and POF receivers. Here is what Rainier Arms had to say about Sun Devil's receivers:

"People get way too technical on these boards sometimes. 6061 vs 7075 aluminum, billet vs forged, etc. All I can tell you is from real world experience selling these. I've sold several hundred of these (maybe 500 or so) and all I can say is out of all the lowers including POF, these have the fewest returns. I believe Sun Devil quality control is better than most from my experience selling lowers and they flat out work and people who have purchased them are happy. The one return I can remember was a user error situation."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sun Devil Lower Receiver At A Great Price!

I just ran across this online store: and I had to get the link up onlline. This is the best price I have ever seen on Sun Devil lower receivers. At this price, I'll by several...

Sun Devil's Website

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Sun Devil AR-15 Outshoots My Les Baer and My JP!

I am admittedly an accuracy junkie... if it will shoot five shots into one hole at 100 yards... I love it. As an old bench rest shooter I never thought I would own an AR-15 style rifle... just didn't think they could ever be accurate enough. Boy was I ever wrong... but I am a true believer now!

I started off with a DPMS 20" bull barrel based on a friends advice, which cost me about $1,000. The gun shot great and I was pretty happy... then another friend told me that JP rifles were the absolute best and I dropped $2,000 on a JP-15. it was ALOT lighter and a "little bit" more accurate... groups went from about 3/4 inch down to 5/8. Then... yet another friend informed me the Les Baer AR-15s were "guaranteed" to shoot 1/2 inch groups or better... Yep! I spent $2,300 on that rifle and it got my groups down under 1/2 inch as promised. I thought I had finally arrived at the ultimate in AR-15 accuracy... bad news though...

I was at a gun show in Phoenix when I ran into another friend who was working one of the booths. I hadn't seen him in awhile so we exchanged stories as he was telling me about the rifles he was selling... the Sun Devil SD-15, AR-15 style rifle. I promptly informed him that I owned the finest AR-15 available and guaranteed most accurate with my Les Baer Super Varminter. He actually laughed at me and told me that every rifle he sells will out shoot a Les Baer for $500 bucks less. I laughed at him and told him he was crazy...

Well, he called my bluff and lent me his Sun Devil 20 inch match rifle and I took it out for a test drive... You can imagine my surprise when the very first group I shoot put five rounds into virtually one hole. The group measured .185 inches! The second group was only slightly larger at 1/4 inch. Long story short is... I now own two Sun Devil 20 inch match models and one of their M4 style 16 inch models... which, by the way, will shoot just as good as my original DPMS bull barrel rifle shot.

Go figure... The best AR-15s out there are manufactured right here in my home town of Mesa Arizona! If you haven't shot one.... you are missing out on the best of the best. I will post some pictures soon!

Sun Devil's Website